Creating the perfect space for your children …

For over 15 years we have been working with parents and kids to deliver high quality design and products. We work with our clients from the idea stage, all the way through to the install.

Once we have discussed your idea, we will work on a series of designs so we can iterate on your ideas and get the concept right. Once we have this we will ensure the concept is fully costed, so you have a clear idea of what we will design, fabricate and fit.

It’s a fun process and we’ll be with you the entire journey.


How it works


If you decide to engage thinkterior, the first thing we will do is understand what you would like to achieve. The concept design process will mean lots of sketches and iteration.

Design and Fabrication

The next stage, once the concept is signed off, is to fully shape the design of the interior plus the product drawings so that our craftsmen can begin the production of your unique pieces.

Fit Out & Project Management

Our teams will come to your house and install the design and oversee any additional work needed in the design. We can also project manage the entire process or work closely with your current architect or interior designer.

For more information on our projects and designs please visit us on  HOuzz

For more information on our projects and designs please visit us on HOuzz

Our Residential Portfolio

Here’s a few examples of our design and products for the very youngest of our customers ….

Here’s a few designs we have created for a slightly older audience…